Getting Started

Before getting started, there are a few things to ask yourself:

  • Do you want a laptop or portability?
  • Do you want a PC for gaming or a Workstation for professional tools?
  • If you want a PC or Workstation, what are good options?
  • Have you considered building a PC yourself?

Honestly, there’s no right or wrong answer, but one of them will suit you better than others. And, if you find you would be best to have a PC or Workstation, there are multiple options for you to take.

You can purchase from one of the mainstream vendors like Lenovo, HP, or Dell. Or, you can go with a pre-built computer from a variety of custom PC sellers that often also sell “Ready to Ship” systems. Lastly, and what we feel is the best option, why not build your own?

A DIY PC BUILD is a way to get the most freedom. This is usually the most cost-effective solution, most rewarding, and the way to get the most of what you want out of your computer for your money.

Why Build Yourself?


DIY Builder


There are lots of types of laptops out there, and just as many vendors. Though it is possible to DIY your own laptop, we wouldn't recommend it. Building your own laptop can actually be more costly than just buying one off the shelf or from your favorite e-tailer. We have more information on choosing the right laptop if you feel this is the option that interests you the most. In most cases, we would recommend a laptop that provides a good processor for what you'll use it for, and a dedicated graphics card if you plan to game. Remember, you can almost always add memory, or better/more storage.


Even though we are in a day and age of portable, mobile devices, there is still a high demand for a classic desktop PC. Companies will mostly go with the mainstream vendors like Lenovo, HP or Dell, simply due to the availability of long term warranties and service contracts they can buy to cover their bulk computer needs. Individuals, however, do have more choice. They can go with the mainstream vendor, or they can choose a company that may offer slightly more customization of their prebuilt computer. If you are interested in one of these types of vendors, check out our list of custom PC companies.

Custom PC

Finally, this is where consumers, gamers, and enthusiasts get the most accurate configurations available to them when they want a new computer. This applies to Gaming PC's, Workstation PC's and Enthusiast PC's alike. There are companies that offer custom-builds, to the point of you being able to select the brand, size, color, options, and many other parts to your build - but this option is only if you don't feel comfortable doing it yourself. Some of these companies also offer added warranties for purchase, but at this point, now you are likely going to pay more for the convenience of having someone else build it for you. To get the most freedom, a DIY PC BUILD is the way to go. This is also usually the most cost-effective solution, the most rewarding, and the way to get the most of what you want out of your computer.