AMD Ryzen 7000 series CPU’s

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series processors have arrived! The latest CPU offerings by AMD are the new “ZEN 4” architecture CPU’s, offering increased performance, support for DDR5, and PCIe® 5.0 support when paired with a new AM5 motherboard.

Currently, there are only four versions of the new 7000 series. Additional options are rumored to come to market next year. Of these four options, none of them come equipped with a cooler, so you’ll have to take that into consideration when deciding your build options. Though an air cooler may work for the 7700X and 7600X models, it is recommended to use a liquid cooler or AIO for the 7950X and 7900X versions. Personally, I would opt for an AIO on any of these, but that’s me.

To support the new AM5 lineup, new X670 and X670E (Extreme) motherboards have come to market, but at a fairly hefty cost. B650 and B650E boards will also accompany the AM5, but in the later part of 2022.

AMD Ryzen 7000 CPU
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